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We believe that the experience and expertise is just as important as patients results.   There are collection of acupuncture testimonials, which listed as six categories.  It is our ultimate goal to provide the quality care and attention to your needs throughout your experience.  We have included acupuncture testimonials and comments from some satisfied patients below  

High FSH / Poor Egg Quality / diminished ovarian reserve

Testimonials who overcame high FSH and age related infertility to conceive naturally with acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment.

Unexplained Infertility

Please read our patients own testimonials on how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helped them for unexplained infertility, conceived naturally, and healthy babies.

acupuncture for my IVF

If you are trying to through IVF, acupuncture can help quality of your eggs, reduce your stress and diminish the side effects from stimulation medications.

Recurrent Miscarriage

If you suffer from recurrent pregnancy loss or been diagnosed with autoimmune infertility please try acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Acupuncture provides safe effective drug free and natural approach for PCOS.

general health

Acupuncture treat the whole person. Not only does acupuncture help you relieve the symptoms but also treat the underlying causes.

Thank you cards from patients

There are some patients thank you cards and notes after they were successfully conceived.

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