Our Thanks to You:

On this upcoming Thanksgiving we cannot thank you enough for your trust and confidence in us. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with your family and friends, and inspiring them to try acupuncture as an alternative medicine for better health.  

We also want to extend thanks to our patients who are trying to get pregnant. Although the process of getting pregnant is a long journey, you are persistent in the belief that Chinese medicine, acupuncture, a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can bring changes to your health. Your confidence in Chinese medicine and a willingness in all the positive adjustments it can bring, empowers your health and ultimately enhances your fertility. As a result, many of you have achieved pregnancy and a healthy baby!  

As a fertility specialist in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, I will continually use this natural healing method and holistic approach to help your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Most importantly, I will use my blog to share my clinical expertise and extensive knowledge in Eastern and Western medicine, as well as the most recent scientific research in reproductive medicine. You will be guided on how to better balance your hormones, reduce anxious thoughts and anxiety, improve your emotional well-being, promote your overall health and your fertility, and become a mother.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Zhou and Staff