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PCOS, Naturally Conceived After Many Failed Drug Cycles

A patient testimonial

I share with you my story and the way Dr. Zhou helped me realize my biggest dream: to be a mother

It all started when I was 15 years old, and to be more precise, when I had my first period. My first period came naturally but after that, things changed. It took me 7 months to have another period, since then, my periods were very irregular and sometimes accompanied with allergic reactions. When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with what is called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. I underwent several different treatments with contraceptive pills regulate my periods. Everything was working great with the pills, and decided to stop taking them, and as I did so did my periods. I took those pills for 8 years having to deal with the secondary effects of them.

When I was 23 years old I got married. When my husband and I were ready to start a family I stopped taking the pills and again my periods disappeared. A lot of tests were performed to find the root cause of my problem, including a womb biopsy, a salpingography and many others. My womb and ovaries were healthy, but the problem was the lack of ovulation, I simply did not ovulate.

I started a one year fertility treatment based on stimulation pills. During this time I didn’t have a single follicle that had the right size. With the pills, my ovaries started producing a lot of small follicles, but none of them reached the necessary size to reach a mature state. After the pills, came the injections. With them the number of follicles increased, but then again not big enough. We tried everything, different doses of injections, pills with injections and no positive results. After two and a half years I started feeling physically and emotionally tired. Injections really took a physical toll on me, not to even mention the emotional impact all of this was having on me.

My husband and I decided to stop all types of treatment. However, I decided to work with my problem from a different perspective, an holistic one, which took into account the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. The human body is the perfect machine, when we are balanced we are healthy, on the contrary, when there is a physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance an illness appears. I decided to broaden my knowledge on this subject and enrolled in a course named: “The Psychological Origin of Illnesses”. In these courses I learned how our emotions and thoughts can have an effect in our body. When we started talking about alternative therapies we learned about acupuncture, an ancient technique which seeks to restore and balance the flow of energy throughout our body.

I tried different alternative therapies before I decided to try acupuncture. Destiny made me find Dr. Zhou; when I visited her website, I knew inside I had to contact her. I decided to write her and tell her about my case and she kindly explained how her treatment worked and how we could make it work out since I live in Mexico.

When I finally met Dr. Zhou, I felt very confident; she is a person with a lot of light and peace. After examination, Dr. Zhou found out that some of my organs were unbalanced. I started my treatment in May of 2008. Since the beginning of the treatment, I felt better, more calm and with more energy.

I literally followed all her instructions. I visited my local acupuncturist every week, drink my daily doses of tee and followed the diet Dr. Zhou recommended me. At the same time I continued to do yoga. On the emotional side, I worked in different therapies and courses. In the spiritual side, I started to meditate which helped me find internal peace and tranquility. Two months after I started treatment I had my first natural period, amazingly, my body was responding in a positive way to the treatment. Gradually my periods were normalized, now I just needed to ovulate. When I had my third menstrual cycle I ovulated and that is when I got pregnant. That was the best news I have received in my life!

My pregnancy was marvelous, I felt healthy and strong. I did not have any of the known side effects that are common amongst pregnant women. I actually found that pregnancy is the ideal state of women. August 17th of 2009 Santiago was born, and angel that came to fill our lives with love and joy. Santiago is a healthy, happy and calm baby.

Today I can tell you how happy I am, how thankful with God, the Universe, my husband, my parents and with all of those that gave me their support during this process, which allowed me to grow as a person. I am extremely grateful with Dr. Zhou, thanks to her wisdom, trust, love and peace I was able to find my new balance.

From the bottom of my heart I wish that Dr. Zhou can continue helping couples accomplish their biggest dream.

Thank you Dr. Zhou!!! You will always be present in my heart!


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