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My Natural Pregnancy with High FSH

A patient testimonial

In April, a Clomid Challenge test indicated my FSH level was 15. According to my Reproductive Endocrinologist, at age of 35 my chance of pregnant with IVF was 5-20%. Another infertility doctor cut the chase and suggested my husband and I consider donor egg. After two-and-a-half years of infertility treatments, I was emotional and physically exhausted at this point. On an Internet High FSH Board I saw some success stories of women with similar situations. They achieved pregnancy through alternative medicine, either alone or combining it with conventional infertility treatment. I decided to hold on to my dream of a biological child a little long

I discussed my situation in details with Dr Zhou on the phone. She impressed me with in-depth knowledge in the area of infertility. Later on when we discussed other aspects of my health (head injuries, depression, insomnia and quite a few others), I realized that her knowledge goes far beyond infertility. The core of Chinese Medicine treats patient as a whole person instead of only the area of apparent problems. I felt very comfortable with her style. She listens well. I don’t feel rushed with her. She is very good at managing her time with patient. I never had to wait beyond my appointment time. She has a calm presence that injects confidence into the patient. Many times after appointment she calls me at home and gives me more suggestions on treatments and diets. I feel that she genuinely cares about me.

I started acupuncture and Chinese herb tea with Dr Zhou on April 8. The plan was to continue this for three months before starting an IVF cycle. I was at the lowest point of my emotional and physical state at the beginning of the treatment. The herb tea isn’t the best –tasting tea I’ve ever had. But I noticed big improvement in my PMS symptoms the first month. At every appointment Dr Zhou carefully re-assessed my condition and adjusted treatment accordingly. By the time we started treatment for the 3rd month, I got my IVF calendar, planned day off and was ready to see my Reproductive Endocrinologist again. Then, on July 22, I found out I’m pregnant!!!

After two months, I became pregnant with great hCG levels, which had always been a problem. Dr. Zhou recommended I continue to see her until after the early sonogram. But I began bleeding before then and cancelled my weekly acupuncture appointment, fearing the worst and at the point of giving up my hope of a 2nd child. After hearing my teary message, Dr. Zhou called me at home and insisted I come in for a make-up appointment right away. The heartbeat was strong the next week, and Dr. Zhou said I didn’t need to see her anymore.

I shared the great news with Dr Zhou. She happily released me from her “Chinese Medicine Academy” and gave me some important advices on how to avoid miscarriage. Two days later, I discovered bleeding. It was a Saturday morning and I couldn’t get a hold of my OB. Out of desperation, I called Dr Zhou. She carefully selected several herbs that are specially used for treatment of threatened miscarriage and strongly recommended bed rest. I started both right away. On Monday I was able to go see my OB and received the same advice – bed rest. Now the bleeding has pretty much stopped. I’m almost ten weeks pregnant. Last week an ultrasound showed a healthy fetus 1 inch long with heartbeat at 184 every minute!

Looking back at my long road to regain fertility, I feel extremely lucky that I found Dr Zhou. After three Infertility Specialists and a Reproductive Endocrinologist, I discovered a sanctuary with Dr Zhou, who gave my body and mind the chance to heal with minimum interruptions and pain. I highly recommend her to every woman seeking infertility treatment.