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Conceived Naturally in Late 30’s

A patient testimonial

I had a hard time getting pregnant when my husband and I started.  We are both in our late 30’s and we thought we had everything planned. It took about a year for us to get pregnant but I miscarried at 2 and half months.  Per my doctor, we waited a few months before trying again.  We again ran into difficulties getting pregnant and my doctor referred me to a fertility doctor.  They discussed all the options to us and proceeded with the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test.  All the options were so expensive and we did not really have the money to spend knowing it would not be a guarantee.  There really wasn’t anything but a tilted uterus and low iron.  Even the HSG test came out okay.  I could not imagine going through more testing or procedures to get pregnant.

After some time I was telling a close friend about our problems and she disclosed she had had some of the same issues.  She said she had almost given up when she heard about Dr. Lin Zhou and her acupuncture.  She could not stop telling me about her experience and how she immediately got pregnant when she started.  She had another friend she had referred and she also was able to have a natural birth after years of trying.  She told me to call immediately and get an appointment.  My husband did not hesitate.  He was a big believer in eastern medicine and said he would rather take a chance with the acupuncture.

Dr. Lin Zhou and her staff were so attentive and made the experience even more pleasurable.  She assessed me and provided me some herbal teas.  I did not have any problems with the teas but my friend had warned me they taste was not that great.  Just knowing that they would help me I did not hesitate to drink them.  Dr. Zhou had made several requests that I needed to follow and I did.  These were changes that would help improve my health.

At the acupuncture sessions, it was such a calm and relaxing environment which made me very comfortable.  I could barely feel anything when she placed the needles on me.  I would lay there so relaxed I would fall asleep. 2 months later I was pregnant. I am now in my 8th month.  I feel that Dr. Zhou was to reason behind a successful natural pregnancy and I owe her all the thanks in the world.

Thank you,


chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a major facet of traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental premise of Chinese medicine is that every condition is the result of energy deficiency, excess, or inactivity in our internal organs.

Success Stories

” I believe that I would never have been able to continue have a normal life without the help of her acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs”   – Cathy W

“Acupuncture and few lifestyle changes helped us to get to where we are today… the proud parents of our precious little girl”   – Robin & Clary

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