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Previous Failed IVF, Conceived Naturally with One Fallopian Tube & Irregular Cycles

A patient testimonial

Acupuncture brought the bliss and peace to our lives which has been a constant turmoil since 3 years.  After moving to the U.S, my cycles became wacky and when we tried to conceive, it became difficult as we didn’t know when I was ovulating.  In confusion we went for fertility treatments beginning with clomid cycle.  Unfortunately it resulted in an ectopic pregnancy and I lost one of my fallopian tubes.  This further created a panic in our lives and we went for IVF. I underwent lot of pain both emotionally and physically eager to get pregnant. But everything went in vain.

Finally I learned about Acupuncture and did a lot of research.  We decided to keep aside all the other treatments and try only with Acupuncture.  I realized that Acupuncture greatly reduced my stress and anxiety levels.

After moving to Dallas, we approached Dr.Zhou and was very impressed with her professionalism and expertise. After seeing my charts, she was instantly able to identify when I was ovulating (especially when my periods were irregular). 

It was such a huge relief for us. I devotedly took the herbs she gave me.  The herbs along with the weekly acupuncture sessions did wonders to my cycles. Though i was apprehensive sometimes, as i had only one tube,raged me to continue my treatment and kept assuring me that I would not need to go back to IVF. To our surprise, just after three months of trying, I got pregnant. I continued Acupuncture till I was 9 weeks. During that time, though Dr.Zhou had to be away from office for sometime, she always ensured that I received good care through her partner and was always in contact with me through e-mails. Today am 29 weeks old pregnant and so far had a happy and a healthy pregnancy. Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Zhou for bringing success, peace and joy in to our lives.


chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a major facet of traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental premise of Chinese medicine is that every condition is the result of energy deficiency, excess, or inactivity in our internal organs.

Success Stories

” I believe that I would never have been able to continue have a normal life without the help of her acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs”   – Cathy W

“Acupuncture and few lifestyle changes helped us to get to where we are today… the proud parents of our precious little girl”   – Robin & Clary

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