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Conceived Naturally at 39 years old with 6 Months of Acupuncture

A patient testimonial

After 6 long years of trying to get pregnant with my first child, I finally achieved my goal at 37 years old. I knew that I wanted to have more children, but I didn’t want it to take the time that it did with my first child.  So, after hearing about Chinese medicine from my sister, I decided to give it a try and contacted Dr. Lin Zhou who specializes in infertility.

My first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Zhou was on my 39th birthday.  I was a little afraid as I had never had a treatment before. I didn’t know if the needles would hurt.  To my surprise, I loved the treatment! I felt so relaxed and comfortable afterwards. During the visit, Dr. Zhou asked me many questions about my cycles, took my pulse, and checked my tongue.  I will never forget what she said to me during that visit when I asked her, “Do you think that I can get pregnant?”  She said, “Yes, as long as you are consistent with the weekly treatments and the herbs.”  Dr. Zhou diagnosed me with Spleen Qi Deficiency and Kidney Yang Deficiency.  At the end of the treatment, she prescribed some Chinese herbs with special cooking instructions and told me to keep track of my basal body temperature.

I continued to have acupuncture treatments weekly and religiously took the herbs that Dr. Zhou prescribed.  She changed the herbs throughout my cycles modifying various herbs to improve my system.

After four months of treatments, I had a chemical pregnancy.  A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. I had a positive pregnancy test before my period was due. I was able to detect my HCG level using a very, very sensitive early pregnancy test called the LifeSign1 One Step Home Early Pregnancy Test (http://www.geodesicmeditech.com/lifesign.html). (Most women don’t even know that they are chemically pregnant because your period comes a few days late.) When I told Dr. Zhou that I got a positive pregnancy test, she told me to go to my OB immediately and get a blood test to check my HCG and progesterone levels. 

While the HCG test showed that I was pregnant, my progesterone level was very low. My OB took another blood HCG and progesterone test 2 days after the first test. The 2nd test showed that I was not pregnant. My OB told me that I had a chemical pregnancy. Although I was very disappointed, I was able to get pregnant. I had made good progress with the Chinese medicine.

I was hoping to get pregnant on my next cycle.  Unfortunately, I did not because I missed the ovulation window for conception by 24 hours. (This was due to my husband’s obligations at work which caused us to miss the window.)

But, on my next cycle, I became pregnant! Just like before, I found out that I was pregnant before my period was due using the LifeSign1 Early Pregnancy Test.  I went to my OB to get the blood HCG and progesterone tests. Both the HCG and progesterone levels were strong and continued to be strong 2 days later!

I was so happy! I was finally pregnant after 6 months with Dr. Zhou!  During the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy, Dr. Zhou had me on a special herb treatment to enrich my blood but discontinued the acupuncture treatments. My OB kept me on my oral progesterone supplements until about 12 weeks of pregnancy.  After that, I was on my own! I had a healthy full term baby boy at 39 weeks of pregnancy!

I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Zhou! She knows her stuff and uses her knowledge effectively.  My advice to anyone wanting to have a baby, listen to Dr. Zhou, be patient because it takes time, and don’t give up.  You will get a great result!

By Colleen Southward

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Chinese herbal medicine is a major facet of traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental premise of Chinese medicine is that every condition is the result of energy deficiency, excess, or inactivity in our internal organs.

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” I believe that I would never have been able to continue have a normal life without the help of her acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs”   – Cathy W

“Acupuncture and few lifestyle changes helped us to get to where we are today… the proud parents of our precious little girl”   – Robin & Clary

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