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Naturally Conceived with Luteal Phase Defect

A patient testimonial

In October my husband and I had suffered an early miscarriage. I was 35 and my husband 39 – and “at our age,” we knew we might have problems conceiving again – and maintaining a pregnancy. I had been seeing a hormone doctor and after 15+ years of birth control pills, my hormones were all messed up. I was diagnosed with Luteal Phase Defect, low Estrogen, low Progesterone and low just about everything else. I also suffered from Auto-Immune Thyroid condition – called Hashimotos.

I knew I needed more help. Unwilling to consider fertility treatments, I wanted to explore the possibility of acupuncture. I started seeing Dr. Zhou in January 2010. I followed her advice to the letter. I was unable to tolerate the herbal tea, but Dr. Zhou worked with me and I used an herbal pill instead. I charted every day. After just a few weeks of seeing her, she told my husband and I to start trying again.

We were pregnant after 2 cycles!!

I continued to see Dr. Zhou through my first trimester. I had very little trouble during the first three months – actually, I felt great!

We have just found out that we are expecting a healthy little boy this November. I owe all the thanks in the world to Dr. Zhou. Conventional doctors told me that it would take a long time to sort out my hormone issues – and Dr. Zhou helped us to conceive very quickly.

I can guarantee that when we decide to have a sibling for our little boy, that I will start the process with Dr. Zhou again.

-Kim Berbel   

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