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My Two Successful Pregnancies with PCOS

A patient testimonial

When I was 27 years old, my husband and I decided to have kids. I had been on the pill for 6 years and figured I would stop taking it and get pregnant right away. Well, I was wrong.

When I went off the pill, my period did not start. My doctor said it could take a few months. 3 months went by and still no period. I went to my gynecologist (who happened to be a well known fertility specialist at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas) and he did a sonogram and told me I had Polycistic Ovarian Disease (PCOS) and would have a hard time getting pregnant because I did not ovulate.

I was very worried. He told me I could take a pill called clomid and it could help me get pregnant. Not knowing what I was really doing, I took 4 sessions of clomid. My period came (with the help of an estrogen patch and progesterone pills), but no pregnancy. Next he told me I should start fertility shots. That is when I stopped and really started to research infertility, infertility drugs and this disease PCOS that I supposedly had, because it just didn’t seem normal to pump your body with hormones and force it into pregnancy. I was worried about taking fertility drugs. I was determine to find out what was wrong with my body and fix it so I could become pregnant on my own. I was also worried about the long term effects of infertility treatments on my body and baby.

I researched infertility and homeopathic remedies and found a lot of information on herbs and acupuncture. I found many testimonials on the Internet of women who used herbs and acupuncture (from the help of a professional) to regulate their hormones and get pregnant. Anyone who is interested in finding out more can search on the Internet for acupuncture and infertility and I assure you will find a lot of information and testimonials.

I found Dr. Zhou about 7 months into my quest to become pregnant. I was very desperate to become pregnant, but wanted to become pregnant without drugs and spending thousands of dollars with no guarantee. Dr. Zhou specialized in gynecological problems (as well as other things).

It was very scary at the beginning to start acupuncture treatments. I did not know Dr. Zhou and was not sure if I was wasting precious time and money on something that was not going to work. But Dr. Zhou was so reassuring and so confident that I would become pregnant that I really trusted her. As well as going to Dr. Zhou, I charted by temperature and cervical mucus every day so I could check my progress. If you read about acupuncture and herbs, you will learn that they work to regulate your hormones and help your body function properly.

My temperatures for the 5 months I had been charting before seeing Dr. Zhou were always the same…I never peaked and did not produce any cervical mucus that was optimum for conceiving.

After starting with Dr. Zhou I went to see her every week and drank my herbal tea regularly. I was very consistent because I wanted to give it my all. It took about 75 days for me to get my 1st period. After my 1st period, I had more regular periods (after the 1st one it took 55 days to have another, then about 35 days). With each one I was ovulating and my temperature and cervical fluid chart were perfect. By my 4th period, it had been about 6 months since I started my acupuncture and herbal treatments. And it was about that time that I conceived my little boy Jack. It was one of the happiest days in my life when I found out I was pregnant. I went on to have a perfect pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy little boy (who is now almost 5). I believe the acupuncture and herbs got my body working on its own to produce the hormones necessary to conceive and have a healthy child. When people spend thousands of dollars on fertility treatments I believe they are forcing their body to get pregnant. With acupuncture and herbs I believe you are preparing your body to function as it should on its own so you can go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

After having Jack we wanted to conceive again (2 years later). I again failed to have periods on my own, so I went back to Dr. Zhou and it only took 3 months to get my periods to start again and I got pregnant with my daughter who is 2-years old now.

Thank you Dr. Zhou, without you and your support and knowledge and confidence, I would have never had my two beautiful children.

-Christy Yates   

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