acupuncture for PCOS

My Pregnancy with PCOS

A patient testimonial

It was around this time last year when through a colleague of my husband’s I heard about Dr. Zhou. We had been trying to conceive for almost a year without any luck. After several rounds of Clomid, sonograms, HCG shots, and an HSG we were referred to a specialist who diagnosed me with PCOS. Our recommendations were for several medications, including injections and an IUI for our best chance to conceive. This treatment seemed too aggressive to me, so sterile & I couldn’t help but think there had to be another way…I did not want to do this every time we wanted to have a baby! So, we decided to try & heal my body with her herbs & acupuncture! The treatment was so relaxing & something I looked forward to each week! Within 40 days of treatment I was pregnant!

I am so grateful for finding Dr. Zhou! I truly think she is a blessing & what she does is so amazing! We will forever be thankful. We had a wonderful, healthy, easy & perfect delivery of our daughter. She’s 10 weeks now & doing great! She’s smiling & trying to hold her head up! Little Miss Independent already! I went into labor 3 weeks early & nobody believed me! Although I delivered at 36 weeks & 6 days she was a healthy 6 lbs & 12 oz; 19.7 in long! Thanks again for all Dr. Zhou has done for me & so many!

I will continue to send my friends her way as she’s already helped so many of them!


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