recurrent miscarriages

Two Failed IVF Cycles, BLocked Fallopian Tube & Conceived Naturally

A patient testimonial

My journey to pregnancy consisted of over two years of fertility treatments and a lot of heartbreak until I met Dr. Zhou.

I did everything from Chlomid, to IUIs, to two failed IVF cycles.  Although I do not regret trying Western medicine, I wish someone would have suggested acupuncture earlier.  Dr. Zhou told me to give her 3-6 months to get my cycles regulated and the chance to conceive.  Immediately with the herbs and acupuncture provided by Dr. Zhou I felt improvements with my cycles and on the six month I conceived naturally.  Acupuncture not only relieved my stress it gave me hope.  Once I conceived I continued to receive treatments until I was 10 weeks pregnant.

Now thanks to Dr. Zhou I have a healthy, beautiful 2 week baby boy.  I am forever grateful for her expertise and will recommend her to anyone I come across who has fertility issues.  Last year at this time I was crying for a baby and now, thankfully, I have a baby who cries for me.


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