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Conceived 2nd Child Naturally after 4 Miscarriages

A patient testimonial

We had been trying to conceive a 2nd child for a year when a friend recommended Dr. Zhou.  I’d had one D&C and three early miscarriages during the year.  I’d done every blood test imaginable and undergone a hysteroscopy to check my uterus.  There was nothing left for the doctors to test.  I had been told repeatedly that there was nothing wrong with me, and my regular OBGYN and the fertility specialist were basically shrugging their shoulders.  The fertility specialist had diagnosed me with “unexplained infertility” and told me the only real chance I had for a second child was IVF. (I had a previous D&C miscarriage before my first son, so 5 miscarriages total was a bleak statistic.)  Since I had conceived my son naturally, something felt wrong about all the drug options and the invasive procedure and going the IVF route.

A week after the hysteroscopy, I went to Dr. Zhou. At my very first appointment, she told me, “You’ll have a pregnancy with no miscarriage.”  I was dumbfounded at her confidence and positive outlook.  No other doctor had said anything positive during a whole year of appointments.  Dr. Zhou was the first doctor to ask me about the whole picture:  How was I sleeping? What was my stress level like?  How was my diet? She quickly diagnosed me.  A small diet change, weekly acupuncture treatment and herbal teas were the only “medicine” prescribed.

After about a week, I began to sleep soundly without waking at night and feel relaxed during the day.  At every appointment, Dr. Zhou would ask me how my week had been.  She was genuinely interested in my emotional state, and I would often cry at appointments.  I felt so comfortable around her. And she continued to remain positive.

After two months, I became pregnant with great hCG levels, which had always been a problem.  Dr. Zhou recommended I continue to see her until after the early sonogram.  But I began bleeding before then and cancelled my weekly acupuncture appointment, fearing the worst and at the point of giving up my hope of a 2nd child. After hearing my teary message, Dr. Zhou called me at home and insisted I come in for a make-up appointment right away. The heartbeat was strong the next week, and Dr. Zhou said I didn’t need to see her anymore.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and gave birth full-term to a healthy baby boy.  I owe it all to Dr. Zhou.  I have already recommended her to other friends and will continue to do so.  I wouldn’t have my miracle baby without her!

I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Zhou! You have made my family complete.


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