acupuncture enhances IVF

Acupuncture for My Successful IVF

A patient testimonial

During my miserable bout with infertility, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and Stage III Endometriosis.  My husband and I were told that in vitro fertilization was our only hope of having a biological child.  After researching extensively, my husband and I decided that acupuncture would be an effective complementary treatment prior to and during our first attempt at IVF.  I visited a couple of licensed acupuncturists and eventually decided to use Dr. Lin Zhou.  Not only does she have the level of expertise that we needed, but Dr. Zhou also proved to be a compassionate individual who was sincerely concerned about my condition and genuinely interested in the outcome of our procedure.  At my first appointment, I appreciated that she took the time to answer my questions (as I had many of them) and settle my fears about acupuncture.  If you are considering this type of alternative therapy, I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Lin Zhou.

Infertility treatments are nerve-racking to say the least; however, my level of anxiety was minimal while I was doing acupuncture.  The treatments were calming and were exactly what I needed at such a stressful time.  After roughly four weeks, my circulation had improved markedly, including the blood flow in, around, and to my uterus.  The biggest indication of this was the improvement in the lining of my endometrium (compared to previous tests and procedures).

I also wanted to mention that Dr. Lin Zhou was very accommodating to my schedule.  I saw her twice a week, including the day of our embryo transfer.  In fact, I am now pregnant, and I am here to testify that alternative therapy does work!  I firmly believe that acupuncture contributed to our success and am confident that Dr. Zhou can help you regardless of what your ailment is.

-Nicole Hunter   

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