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Acupuncture Relaxed Me during the Embryo Transfer

A patient testimonial

Dear Dr.Zhou

It is with great joy that we send this birth announcement for our little boy.  A year ago I was seeking acupuncture treatment from you to assist with an in-vitro embryo transfer.  I had two failed transfers previously and then heard of the benefits of acupuncture in infertility so I began seeing you.  Shortly after you started treating me, I had the transfer which resulted in a pregnancy and birth! I know that you played a major part in helping my body accept the embryo and nurture it the first ten weeks.  Perhaps the most notable change in my transfer experiences was in the level of pain during the transfer.  The first two transfers were so painful. The morning of our third transfer you did a treatment and a few hours later when the embryos were transferred it did not hurt! I believe the acupuncture is the reason it was pain-free.  During the early weeks of the pregnancy your treatments also spared me from morning sickness.  Thank you!!

I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, skill and kindness.  You are a gifted acupuncturist and I am so thankful to have met you.  Right before our son was born we moved to Nebraska for my husband’s job so we no longer live in Dallas.  However, we still have embryos at our physician’s office in Dallas so we will be back for more implantations.  While I won’t be able to see you on a consistent basis I do look forward to coming back for future transfers.

I know that you bless your patients every day and I am so glad I was able to be under your care.  I will forever be grateful for the treatments at your clinic as they helped bring my son into my arms.


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