acupuncture enhances IVF

Acupuncture, IVF and a Healthy Baby

A patient testimonial

Thanks to Dr. Zhou and her expert knowledge of acupuncture and herbs relating to infertility, we are now expecting our first baby after more than five years of trying to conceive.  We spent the last three years trying to conceive with the help of western doctors, but without success.  We had a previous failed IVF attempt and more than 9 failed IUI cycles when we decided to give eastern medicine a try.

The sessions were relaxing and pain free.  They provided the perfect setting for me to meditate and focus on deep breathing each week. After the first few sessions in the first cycle with acupuncture and herbs, I immediately noticed an increase in my energy level and noticeable improvements in my menstrual flow.  The second cycle continued to result in sustained energy levels and my menstrual flow was so healthy and pain free that it truly felt like a privilege rather than a burden.

We continued trying to conceive on our own over the holidays, but without success, so we began our second IVF attempt and I continued my acupuncture sessions with Dr. Zhou up until the day of egg retrieval. After that, she told me to continue to relax and meditate each day.  Two weeks later we found out the IVF was a success.  Several weeks after that we found out we are expecting a healthy baby boy!

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Zhou’s treatments helped us to achieve success where we had failed before.  Dr. Zhou’s patience, kindness, and genuine interest in each of her patient’s progress was so refreshing and I am proud to recommend her to anyone as her expertise extends far beyond infertility to include all manor of ailments, including pain management, smoking, and more.


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