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high FSH, poor egg quality

Extremely High FSH

A patient testimonial

One month before my wedding,  I received the news that I would likely never conceive a child using my own eggs. After 5 months of stopping the pill,  I had not had my period. Routine hormonal testing showed my FSH level was over 150, which is considered post-menopausal.  A second test showed levels at 84. I was 32 years old and in otherwise in very good health & normal weight. I was completely devastated and angry at my body.  My gynecologist referred me to a fertility specialist, but my husband and I decided to wait until after the honeymoon in order to brace ourselves for more devastating news.

I have no doubt that the daily teas combined with weekly acupuncture treatments “woke up” my body.  Within 2 weeks, I began spotting for a couple of days.  The next month I had a light period. By the third month, there was no doubt my body had woken up – I had a very heavy, but normal period.  We retested my hormone levels and FSH improvement was dramatic – down to 13.5.

I conceived naturally that same cycle.

I am 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy.  Every day I am thankful I found Dr. Zhou and am so thankful I went to her first without starting the invasive and expensive treatments of fertility specialists.  The weekly appointments not only woke up my body, but also my spirit.

While I am a believer in the practice of acupuncture, I also believe that not all practitioners are created equal.  Dr. Zhou is one-of-a-kind. I consider myself extremely lucky that Dr. Zhou is in the DFW area. However, I would travel from out of town to see her if I had to. I look forward to returning to her when we start preparing for baby #2.

Thank you Dr. Zhou.  You are very loved and appreciated.


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