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high FSH, poor egg quality

High FSH, Conceived Naturally and a Full Term Baby

A patient testimonial

At age 38 with an FSH level of 70 and in Pre-Ovarian Failure I was told by two different doctors that is would not be possible for me to have a second baby without an egg donor; I was heartbroken. I had always been a skeptic of anything not from a traditional western medical world. I felt frantic though and that is when I decided to turn from Western Medicine, which it felt like was done trying to help me, to Eastern Medicine and found Dr. Zhou.

She was so encouraging and never gave up on me and never let me give up on myself. She was extremely calm, kind and patient and I knew she genuinely cared about helping me. I started the Acupuncture, the herbs and changing my diet per her directions and I started feeling different within two weeks. I began having less POF symptoms and my husband kept commenting on how relaxed I seemed after each Acupuncture treatment. After five months of treatment I had my blood work rechecked and my FSH level had come down to 14, my doctor could not believe it but said that was still on high side and I should continue my treatment. I finally began to feel like I was on the right road and began to allow myself to think this could be possible. So imagine my surprise when the very next month I found out I was pregnant. I continued with Dr. Zhou through the first trimester. Having had two previous miscarriages I am convinced Dr. Zhou’s treatments helped keep my pregnancy viable.

After two months, I became pregnant with great hCG levels, which had always been a problem. Dr. Zhou recommended I continue to see her until after the early sonogram. But I began bleeding before then and cancelled my weekly acupuncture appointment, fearing the worst and at the point of giving up my hope of a 2nd child. After hearing my teary message, Dr. Zhou called me at home and insisted I come in for a make-up appointment right away. The heartbeat was strong the next week, and Dr. Zhou said I didn’t need to see her anymore.

In November we welcomed our healthy and happy son to the world. He is such a joy and I give Dr. Zhou immense credit for his arrival.

I cannot thank her enough and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone


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