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Natural Pregnancy with High FSH

A patient testimonial

Time really flies when you have a newborn baby!b My son is 3 months now and is the sunshine in our house that we enjoy every day.  I am so proud to see his every achievements, sometimes, I am proud of him simply because he eats a lot, sleeps a lot, and makes one big “poopoo” each day.

My husband and I had been busy with our careers and didn’t feel the urge to start a family until I was 35.  We started trying and went through all necessary tests ordered by my O.B. with all results coming back normal.  After no baby news for two years, we decided to go to see a specialist, who did more tests on me. The Clomid challenge test showed my day 10 FSH level was 16.9, higher than it should be, and translates into fewer eggs and poor egg quality.  Then there was the donor egg speech… I fled the clinic with tears in my eyes and a very slim hope for a biological child.  Though my doctor suggested IVF, we did an IUI cycle first because I thought we do not have other problems and IUI is less expensive.  My body responded negatively to the hormone injections – very bad headaches and fatigue. After many office visits for monitoring and a nervous waiting period, we only found out nothing happened.  Then my doctor strongly suggested that we start IVF the next cycle. This is more expensive and not covered by our insurance like the IUI treatment, and he only projected a 5% success rate based on my age and my FSH level.  Intimidated by the side effects of the hormones, I decided to give myself a break and began searching for alternative treatments for high FSH. From an online discussion board, we heard about Dr. Zhou’s clinic, and after visiting her web site, we decided to try the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture with the hope that it may increase the success rate of my first IVF.

I talked to Dr. Zhou on the phone and flew to Dallas 5 days later.  After a Chinese style exam, Dr. Zhou suggested that I postpone the IVF for 6 month because my body was far from ready.  I started acupuncture and herb tea on that day.  I felt warm and very sleepy right after the first acupuncture treatment.  I know something was happening inside my body.  Two months later, I had more energy and my spirit was back, I was laughing and happy again. The anger and regret that had been torturing my mind disappeared and I think more positively about ‘keep trying’.  My husband was happy too just because my health condition was improved. 

During the six month treatment period, there were a couple of times that I couldn’t fly to Dallas for my scheduled acupuncture because of my work, and Dr. Zhou always patiently checked on my condition and had the ingredients of the herb tea adjusted and mailed to me.   As a result, I noticed many improvements to my menstrual cycle, increased amount, and the color was red rather than dark red and brown, which means my uterus lining was thicker and getting more nutrients and oxygen; I felt that I was getting ready for the challenge of IVF.  When I discussed the timeline with Dr. Zhou, she told me in a confident voice: “give it a couple of more months and you may conceive naturally”.  And it was just like what she said. I had a positive test the next month!

I was 38 by that time and was concerned about the fate of this little miracle every day after my pregnancy was confirmed.  At about 6 weeks, I had pinkish spotting after working in my garden and I called Dr. Zhou right away.  Her gentle voice eased my panic and I soon received the herb tea she prepared for a threatened pregnancy.  After that, every tests on the baby (and me) throughout my pregnancy had great results.  My son was delivered at week 38.5 and was very alert and healthy, everyone at the nursery loved him!

Looking back, we could not be more blessed to have Dr. Zhou as my doctor. With my O.B. and my specialist, I was never able to talk to them over the phone when I had questions.  But I could call and talk to Dr. Zhou whenever I needed help.  The emotional supports she gave me were invaluable.  Above all, Dr. Zhou made our dream come true!

We plan to visit Dr. Zhou when my son is a little older, and when he would say ‘Thank you’ to Dr. Zhou in person!


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