Acupuncture Cured my CFS

My chronic fatigue was so debilitating that I thought I might never be able to lead a normal life or return to work again.  Simple tasks such as taking a short walk down the street or driving to the nearby grocery store for a few items were impossible for me.  My husband had to do all the housework, buy groceries, cook my meals, and sometimes help me with daily activities such as taking a shower.  Just getting dressed was a major ordeal.  I had trouble sleeping. My thinking was often unclear that I had trouble completing simple tasks. When I tried to help in the kitchen, I burned pots until they melted, placed clean items in the refrigerator instead of the shelf and frequently dropped dishes.  I was desperate! I consulted numerous medical specialists, took various prescriptions, followed strict diets. Still there was no increase in my energy level.  I felt as if my life had been drained out of me.

I first met Dr. Zhou after being on medical leave for 6 months. I had tried to start working again, as I feared loosing my position.  I vividly remember my struggle to work those first few weeks before I started acupuncture. I had trouble even driving to work.  Then after working only one or two hours, I would become so tired that I had to stop and literally lie down on the office floor to rest.  I was just too tired to even sit up, to even think. I worked only a few hours a day and then had to return home and stay in bed until the next morning.  On the weekends, I could do absolutely nothing. I could not care for my home or even visit with friends.

Although I was initially nervous about having acupuncture, Dr. Zhou calmly reassured me and gave me both videotape and reading materials, before my first session.  She also explained how the acupuncture and herbs would help in my recovery.  I was amazed at the difference the very first session made. That very first evening, I could feel my feet becoming warm (I had Reynaulds Syndrome, which causes my hands and feet to be cold.).  I was elated that I had enough energy to be able to return to work full time and remain at work all day long.  Due to the severity of my case, I returned for acupuncture on a regular basis.  When I felt my energy start to wane; the next acupuncture session would then restore my strength so I could continue to function. Over a period of acupuncture treatments, I finally not only was able to continue work, but also was able to have a normal life, including managing my home and socializing with friends.

Dr. Zhou also taught me how to manage my energy.  Before my chronic fatigue, I had boundless energy and was very active.  This made learning how to manage my chronic fatigue especially difficult for me.  With Dr. Zhou’s help I became aware of warning signs that I was doing too much and needed to rest to conserve energy.  She explained to me that my extra energy was like a savings account.  You can take money out, but it you never replenish your money (energy) into the account, there eventually will be none left.  I have learned that activities should be done in moderation.  Although I can now work in the yard again (my love), I have learned that I need to stop after working 3 hours or I may be too tired the next day to enjoy a planned activity.

I thank Dr. Zhou for treating me with all her skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I believe that I would never have been able to continue working or have a normal life without the help of her acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.  Just as important as all of her medical skills, Dr. Zhou is a supportive and caring person.  She truly understands the “art of healing.  Dr. Zhou has made a dramatic difference in my ability to again enjoy life.  I will always be thankful.

Cathy W (Dallas,Texas)

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