Acupuncture helped my Back/Neck Pain

 I was having extremely high pain in my upper back and neck and my hand was going numb at different times of the day.  The pain was so great I was unable to sleep at night and driving was difficult.  This injury was from competitive college sports and would flare up about ever 12-18 months. In the past prescription drugs had worked, but this time they had no effect.  I had been to my medical doctor numerous times over a 3 month period and had been prescribed multiple medicines from muscle relaxers to pain killers.  The pain and incapacitation only got worse.  Hydrocodone quit having any effect, I had an xray and was waiting for insurance to authorize an MRI.

Then a close friend who had cancer and had gone to Dr. Zhou for nausea during her treatments suggested I try acupuncture. Convinced I needed neck surgery, I was willing to try anything.

During my first treatment, the pain was relieved, and I learned an hour later I had actually fallen asleep (the first time in weeks).  I asked if I could stay the rest of the afternoon in order to rest…I was so surprised the pain was gone that I was afraid to move.

Since that first treatment, I see Dr. Zhou for any aches and pains that come up.  Fortunately that old injury hasn’t flaired up in two years.

I have referred other friends to Dr. Zhou with similar circumstances and after being treated by Dr. Zhou, they are believers in Dr. Zhou’s abilities also.  I discussed this “miracle” with my medical doctor at the time, he was supportive and told me if it works for you, keep doing it.

-Darren R. 

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