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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a major facet of traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental premise of Chinese medicine is that every condition is the result of energy deficiency, excess, or inactivity in our internal organs. While acupuncture balances the body's energy through the external application of needles; herbal medicine alters the body's internal energy, by restoring the efficiency of our internal organs.

Chinese herbs are classified by their specific qualities and functions. The various combinations of their qualities and applications give the herb properties that can influence and potentially correct inefficiencies in the patterns of a dysfunctional body, and restore balance by nourishing the body.

Herbal treatment should be based on each individual body's constitution, environment and medical condition. One of the most important advantages of Chinese medicine is the power of mixing. A typical formula is made from four to fifteen herbs. Herbs are combined not only to maximize their effects but also so that the formula can be used to address a wider variety of problems. By combining different herbs, their unique qualities and in different quantities, you can obtain the desired result. As a patient's needs and conditions change, so will the formula. Sometimes it's necessary to change it on a weekly basis.

From Dr. Zhou's extensive experience and in her practice, she has found that herbs play an important role in balancing and harmonizing overall health and well-being. She will often prescribe herbs to support acupuncture treatment and her herbal prescriptions are tailored to the specific constitution of each patient she treats.

In the case of infertility, the diagnosis and emphasis on herbal formulas is considered so much more complex at different times in a woman's menstrual cycle. Dr. Zhou personally develops her formulas to enhance the body's efficiency and receptiveness prior to pregnancy; she modifies the combinations to suit different patients and the stage of their cycle. Being a specialist in infertility, Dr. Zhou’s extensive knowledge and experience enable her to customize her prescriptions precisely and ultimately more effectively for each individual patient with extremely positive results. Dr. Zhou has been treating numerous patients who have succeeded in conceiving naturally and producing excellent egg quality by following cycles of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Chinese herbal formulas carefully designed rarely have side effects. Many people don't understand how to formulate and apply them properly. Dr. Zhou recommends to her patients to not self prescribe herbal remedies they have heard might enhance fertility or any other health issues. It requires knowledge and expertise to select the safe dosage at the right time and in the appropriate combinations