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Our Services

We strive to deliver the highest quality patient care with acupuncture and herbal medicine by our commitment, respect, and compassion for our patients.

When you come to our clinic, we treat the whole person. Not only do we help you relieve the symptoms but also investigate the underlying causes, which makes treatment very appropriate for long term success. Some diseases have limited treatment options, or are not diagnosable in conventional medicine. These symptoms are all part of a disharmonic pattern in Chinese Medicine, so we design the best possible unique treatments to provide wellness and harmonize your individual needs.

We offer a safe, natural and incredibly effective solution to the following conditions:

Women's Health

Including PMS , Endometriosis, Menstural Problems, fibroids, morning sickness, post partum depression etc.


Pain Management which ncludes back pain, lower back pain,migraine/headache,joint pain/arthritis,TMJ disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome,fibromyalgia etc.

Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

Acupuncture can help with managing depression,anxiety and insomnia both with and without traditional Western medicine.


Acupuncture can also help treat allergies, asthma,sinustis, sinus infections, sinus headaches etc..

General Health

Acupuncture can help with general health complaints such as chronic fatique syndome(CFS), Cancer Care, facelift/facial rejuvenation etc.