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Acupuncture Regulating Menstruation Cycles

We welcome all those who seek to have acupuncture regulating menstruation,  improve their natural menstrual cycles and who desire optimum vitality in their lives. We are committed to helping you achieve your health goals and wellness needs through acupuncture, herbal medicine and self-empowerment. We can help provide effective relief of:

  • Menstrual Problems (irregular period, heavy flow, cramps, acne, bloating, breast distention)
  • PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
  • Endometriosis
  • Chronic Pelvic Inflammation
  • Migraines & Headaches Related to the Hormonal Cycle
  • Lack of Libido
  • Fibroids and Cysts in the Uterus and Breasts

Acupuncture regulating menstruation is so important because the menstrual cycle is a good indicator of a women’s general health. When the flow is adequate, regular and without discomfort, blood production and circulation are healthy. A stressful lifestyle, poor eating habits and emotional upset encourage blood deficiency and blocked Chi (vital energy), leading to irregularity and pain. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can cure these underlying causes, averting and relieving any serious problems – including endometriosis, infertility and fibroids – and ensuring wellbeing and good health after menopause.

We can teach you to observe your healthy cycle and notice subtle signs of imbalance. And we can help you analyze the effects of your lifestyle, make necessary adjustments and determine your menstrual profile. Furthermore, applying acupuncture regulating menstruation treatment to re-balance your whole body wellness.

If you have painful, difficult periods, fibroids, blocked tubes and endometriosis, there is an obstruction or constriction of the circulation and Chi in your pelvic organs. This can stem from living with consistent anger, frustration and/or anxiety. These disharmonies may contribute to difficulties in conceiving, including ovulation, fertilization and implantation in the uterus.

Acupuncture is excellent therapy for the removal of blocked Chi throughout affected meridians. In addition, herbal medicine promotes blood flow to the pelvic region, which removes blood stasis and eliminates abdominal mass. You will experience much less cramping and feel more relaxed immediately after treatment and in subsequent cycles.

Are your menstrual conditions associated with any of the following? Feelings of being cold, weak or tired; lacking libido; depression; achieving relief from a heating pad or pressure on the pain; and feelings of exhaustion after menstrual flow. If so, you might have internal cold or deficient Chi. We will utilize tonic herbs and acupuncture with moxibustion to build adequate Chi and blood flow.

If fatigue, irritability, depression, water retention, breast tenderness, migraines and sugar cravings occur before your menstrual flow, you certainly have PMS. This is due to a hormone imbalance in the delicate endocrine system.  Acupuncture influences these hormonal pathways and helps our own internal energies restore endocrine harmony. Herbal medicine improves energy, digestion and circulation, and also creates mental clarity so that you become more centered.

To maximize a healthy menstrual life, you must avoid hot, spicy foods and cold, raw foods, as well as physical exhaustion and emotional stress. You will then be able to fully realize the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine.   

chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a major facet of traditional Chinese medicine. The fundamental premise of Chinese medicine is that every condition is the result of energy deficiency, excess, or inactivity in our internal organs.

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